Eat It And Like It – Beers and Brunch Series with Sofie by Goose Island

Jesse Blanco from Eat It And Like It goes to East End Provisions to pair the delicious Sofie Belgian Style Saison by Goose Island with a tasty Lemon Poppy Seed Chicken and Waffle Dish.

For February’s edition of Eat it and Like It, Jesse Blanco paired Sofie, a delicious Belgian Style Saison by Goose Island with some delicious chicken and waffles. Sofie is a sparkling brew, that is wine barrel-aged with an abundance of hand-zested orange peel. It has some notes of spicy white pepper, which contrast the tartness of the citrus nicely. If you are a fan of champagne, you will enjoy this light and refreshing beverage!

To find the perfect pairing, Jesse went to East End Provisions in downtown Savannah. This local favorite features dishes made with regionally sourced ingredients, with a Nouveau American flair. Executive Chef Neil Youngblood chose their Chicken and Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles to go with Sofie. The poppy seed batter is mixed fresh daily, and the chicken is fried fresh. The acidic kick of the fruit peels in Sofie cut through the fried chicken, buffalo butter and Cayenne candied bacon nicely.

Jessie’s official review:

“I’ve always loved the beer. Never gave pairing it with anything much of a thought until now. It’s lighter and fruity, which makes Oysters a good pairing, but our chef-Neil Youngblood at East End – liked the acidic kick the beer offered. Which I did as well.  So he went big with this pairing.

One of the brunch dishes on their menu – Chicken and Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles topped with Buffalo Butter and Cayenne Candied Bacon.

The dish was delicious. Paired with a Sofie, we’ve got a winner. You have got to try it. You will Eat It and Like It. Drink It and Like It as well.  Meanwhile, if you want to go a different route at home and pair it with a Sofie, these two recipes are perfect. Enjoy!”

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Eat It and Like It is a two-time Emmy nominated program, that features contemporary and traditional Southern Food. Hosted by Jesse Blanco, this is the areas highest rated local television show!

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